About Us

THE MUZIK MOVEMENT (TMM) is a full-service, online fan and content management firm. Started in 2011 by CEO/President Zach Weinberg, we are dedicated to connecting great music – and the artists who make it – with current and potential fans via the powers of the Internet and social media. Our staff can handle anything from tour management to album releases, social media management and beyond…

Here at TMM, we believe that success in this 21st music industry comes to those who use technology to engage more directly with their respective fans. With the popularity of shows like Keeping Up The Kardashians, Jersey Shore, American Idol and Real Housewives, it’s clear that people don’t just want to know ABOUT their idols; they want to feel like they KNOW them personally. And it’s the same with music….

Fortunately, thanks to the progression of technology and online social services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, BandsInTown and the like, achieving such transparency with your fans has never been easier! The true masters of music marketing in the 21st century are sharing thoughts directly with their fans, posting pictures of their nights out, uploading videos of their live shows, making all of their music available for both purchase AND streaming… And with so many great artists mastering these techniques and coming up with newer, more creative ways to give back to their fans, the question must ultimately then become: why aren’t you??

For some the answer is a lack of time, for others, a lack of knowledge. Maybe you don’t know which types of posts reach the most people on Facebook. Maybe you don’t know how to rally fans around a tour or album release. Maybe you don’t know how to get your music video featured in the blog world. Or maybe you do, but you need to focus on making music and you just don’t have the time to do both. Well whatever the problem, we do have the knowledge and the experience, and the time to help you so that becoming a successful musician is as easy as making great music.

For more information, please visit: our Services page for a complete list of the services we provide; our Clients and Releases pages for a list of artists/projects we’ve worked with/on; our News page for what’s going on in TMM’s world; and/or our Contact page to get in touch with us directly.


It’s a tough world out there for musicians in the 21st century, and to anyone brave enough to put his/her future on the line for the sake of great art, we wish you the best of luck….